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The journey creating our Signature Breeches and Hoodie & our first brand amabassador!

Badminton Cross Country

We would now like to officially introduce, Tom Rowland as our sponsored brand ambassador!


We wanted to pick someone close to our home and hearts for whom we have been tracking and following their journey for a while, someone that would work with Wolf London and grow with us, knowing the struggles of obtaining quality products, tailored to men in the equestrian industry.


We picked Tom not only because he is an incredible athlete, but he is also an inspirational role model and coach to so many. He encompasses and shares the values Wolf London is proud to uphold. 


Tom has ridden at 5 stars x10 times now, 3 of which were at the famous Badminton Horse Trials. Despite the retirement of Possible Mission, known as Hunter who gave him his first shot at Badminton back in 2019, Tom aims to ride at Badminton on Dreamliner after qualifying at Blenheim Palace in 5th place, and with KND Steel

Pulse who Tom has had for almost nine years (since a 3 year old). Finally, at the top of his string he also has Quintilius who is aiming for the German 5* Luhmühlen in June.

Tom Rowland: “Like Wolf London founder Andre Gardiner, I grew up in the Minchinhampton area of Gloucestershire, influenced by similar people such as the Pony Club District Commissioner Julie Crew.


Local events such as Badminton and Gatcombe inspired me when I was young; to now be competing at these events as a regular face on the international 5* eventing circuit is a dream come true.


The next step in my career is to push towards Team GB selection and world class results at the top end of 5* leaderboards. I’m excited to have these aims with the support and association of Wolf Clothing.


There has long been a gap in the market for quality, affordable, accessible men’s equestrian clothing. Thank you, Wolf, for recognising and addressing this.


Their products are comfortable, breathable and well fitted - essential when in the saddle. Their smart and modern designs give me the confidence to perform to my maximum knowing that I’m well dressed with a sense of professionalism and style too”. 


Here at Wolf London, we are extremely proud to support Tom in his future career, supplying him with quality products to elevate his performance while riding and supporting him on his journey as we grow as a brand. 


The rationale behind our debut products

It was important for us at the very start of our venture to begin our product catalogue with garments that are genuinely useful and solve a problem. The products we have produced are the result of in-depth market research, our own experience and age-old requirements that the rider seeks. This is why we have created the Men’s riding breeches and our signature unisex hoodie. Our products are priced realistically but reflect the quality and longevity that the products will offer.

The Men’s Alpha Winter Riding Breeches & Signature Unisex hoodie

This was a simple need within the equestrian industry that was just not being fulfilled. You could not find a pair of men’s breeches that meet the comfort, style, fit and aesthetic that most men require. There is nothing worse than riding in uncomfortable jodhpurs or breeches. It completely ruins the experience for me, and I know for most people. That is why we have invested in ensuring our breeches are warm using a fleece lined leg, and water-resistant coating. In the Great British weather, you can never predict the rain and it is typical, no matter how much you can plan your day and scan the weather apps, you will always manage to start riding just as the rain sets in!  

Now that the warmth and water resistance was sorted out, we had to think about the durability that us equestrians look for in our breeches and leg wear. You simply cannot afford to be wearing tight and rigid leg wear when riding, especially if you are jumping fences or out on the cross country. If the rider’s movement is restricted it will ultimately affect the general performance of the partnership. It is important that the rider can move with the horse and can utilise their aids with ease. This is why we have created our breeches with 4- way elasticated stretch and Wolf patented silicone knee grip patches to allow better security within the saddle. Afterall, we spend enough on lessons and training so investing in a quality pair of breeches is a small price to pay for a boost in performance.

The Unisex Signature Hoodie

We had a clear vision as to what objectives the hoodie needed to meet. We wanted to create a hoodie that could be used during all seasons, it needed to be stylish but functional. This is why we have created the hoodie with a weight of 460gsm, soft inner lining, true body fit and elasticated cuffs. The hoodie will keep you warm during the chilly spring and summer mornings and add an extra layer during those bitter winter mornings.


Whether you have night out booked in the diary, heading to the pub straight after riding or would like a smart layer when training, our signature hoodie will tick the boxes. We have started with a dark navy base colour, not only to tie in with our brand theme, but will be less likely to show any dirt or grime that may find it’s way on your clothes from the yard. No one will even notice!

hoodie being worn, sat on a bench with a husky

Moving into 2024 and beyond...

We have an exciting year planned with new product launches. However, we are always open to constructive criticism and suggestions. If you would like to share any thoughts or feelings, we would love to hear from you! Our inbox is the place to send this through!


Andre - Founder


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