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Our Owner & Journey

Owner and Founder, 'Andre Gardiner' based near Gatcombe Park in the heart of the Cotswolds, launched Wolf London with some key goals:

  • Do not compromise quality over price.

  • Be more than just a designer brand, be an equestrian sporting brand.

  • Where possible, invest in British manufacturing or use quality apparel suppliers whose ethics and values align with WL.

  • Provide quality designed men's equestrian clothing in a variety of styles & fits. 

  • Revolutionise & re-engineer the men's equestrian market by offering intuitive solutions and fresh perspective to better enable partnerships with the horse. 

  • Help enable young men from a variety of backgrounds/inner city livings to experience horsemanship to support and grow the uptake of men in the equestrian sector. 

  • Sponsor and enable good causes to better aid those working and riding in the industry.

Andre, had a passion for Eventing and Show Jumping which he has continued to enjoy competitively over the last 25 years. He began competing in gymkhana and attending pony club camp, as the years went on he developed a passion for SJ and later Eventing during COVID19. 

Throughout this time, one frustration remained present for Andre in the equestrian industry. The products and services offered to women as a saturated market did not reflect that for men and were increasingly difficult to obtain and find, especially at an affordable price. Andre, at times, worked several jobs at once to keep his horses, compete, and maintain his equestrian wardrobe which became ever more difficult to get the right size or access the products required to engage in the sport.


This is a reason for why less men ride now. Compared to 50 years ago when the market share was much more equal in comparison to today and it is down to a lack of options for products that are easily accessible to men. This is before men experience the stigma surrounding men who ride horses and around their sexuality, which is one of the likely causes for discouraging boys and men away from the sport. 


Throughout this period, Andre wanted to keep up to date with designer fashion but he was always keen to ensure any product he bought was of a standard of quality that justified a reasonable price which dwindled by many major designer companies as the focus clearly changed from quality to profit margins. There was also a stigma around men's fashion and men in the equestrian sector, that everyone wanted simple and basic designs, contemporary and minimalistic, in neutral colors, which didn't fit the type of clothing Andre wanted to wear. 

During COVID, Andre decided that he would do something about this and hence, Wolf London was born!  

You maybe asking the question, why Wolf London?


The founder and CEO, Andre, whilst having a passion for horses, like many of us he also had a passion for all manner of animals, in particular Wolves and Huskies. In December 2017, just before Christmas day, Andre finally managed to convince his parents into allowing him to have a Husky after over 15 years of asking. His Husky Storm, with his beautiful nature and stunning blue eyes inspired Andre to combine his love for him, wolves and what he knew about wolves to embark on his journey to initiate the brands concept.


Wolves will generally move in packs with the Beta's leading and the Alpha at the back following the typically old or injured wolves to offer protection against any threat. Whilst omega's/lone wolves can operate alone, generally wolves will all operate in unity and as one pack. 

When thinking about the brand image Andre wanted to create. He wanted to combine his love for wolves and how they operate as one, which was important to him after many years of feeling judged at school because he rode horses. It was also because there was no real designer brand that promoted men in equestrianism through a designer brand and that made access to equestrian items easy.


Andre wanted to create a brand where anyone could be whoever they wanted to be, express their diversity through different styles and they most definitely didn't need to 'fit into a box' to be a part of the Wolf London pack. Wolf London prides itself on its individuality and celebrating everyone's uniqueness, whether you want to be the 'lone wolf', or you want to stand out in the crowd and break the stigma/ mold/ statuesque for who you are as the 'Alpha Wolf'. Regardless, you stand together. 


Wolf London is more than just a brand, its a family, where everyone is welcome as a part of our 'Wolf pack'. 

Our CEO and founder Andre, also began this journey by researching, sketching and designing on the train into the Paddington Station in London and the tube commuting around the city, after all he had to do something on his 5 hour round trip for the last 6 years. It was during these hours he spotted a gap for something different in the male sector for something bolder than typically men might wear and he thought combining a designer brand, with men's equestrian wear might just support male riders returning to the sport. 


All of the designs and initial sketches, initially started off on the back of his note book with the vision to one day embarking on this bold venture. So to say the least, London Designer fashion market inspired 'Andre' to begin the journey and fast forward to 2022, Wolf London was born. 

Meet Storm the siberian husky. Our Co-founder & inspiration!

Our Principles

Where 'Luxury British Design' becomes 'Luxury British Made' within the next 10 years.



Luxury British Design

It has taken over two years to understand consumer needs and desires across both the designer and equestrain sector, before designing a range of luxury contemperary, bold and sophisiticated designs created by our founder and produced with care and attention to detail. 


The Wolf London team have built a network and worked with established multi-million pound manufactures to achieve the quality and feel that reaches the standard of all Wolf London products over the last year, re-designing and producing each item until it passed the Wolf London Quality control.

One of WL's key ambitions within the next 10 years is to return manufacturing to the United Kingdom for our product ranges to reinforce our “Luxury British Design” ethos and transcend this into “Luxury British Made” designer garments. 

We have worked tirelessly to conduct market reseach to hear what people feel is missing from the industry, what they look for in their clothing and how a new brand like ourselves can support their needs. 

We always want to hear your feedback, thoughts and opinions, so please visit our social media below and our info@wolflondon inbox is monitored regularly, so please get in touch. 

Confidence is learnt, but a quality wardrobe will certainly help!

Horseback Riding

Backing Male Horsemanship

Wolf London's ultimate goal is to better support male equestrian riders with easy access to designer equestrian products for themselves and their horse. 

While Wolf London will strive to be inclusive for all genders, it is recognised that over the last 5 decades, men in the equestrain field have reduced significantly. On average in the U.K, 24% of riders are male across the sport but when compared to those that event at BE 5 star or compete in BSJ,  over 65% of men make up the top percentage. This indicates that men are somehow being discouraged to take part in the sport possibly due to indirect discrimination and harmful stereotypes that have been created towards men in the industry. Regardless of role models who are excelling at the top level. Therefore, we will be allocating a large amount of resource in creating products that support our male riders. 

Therefore, Wolf London has an ambitious plan to support men and youths engaging with the sport once more, by working with select charities to provide a hobby to those less fortunate and support those in inner cities by offering an escape. 

In addition, we will be supporting a number of male and female brand ambassadors that embody our values. To see our current brand ambassadors, their journeys and why they choose Wolf London, please see our brand ambassador section.

Multicolored Spools of Thread

British Manufacturing 

Throughout our journey, it became apparant that there were very few british manufactures left since the excedus in the 1980's to Asian Manufactures and often those that remained, specialised in woolen apparel production. 

Whilst Wolf london does currently use responsible, vetted and assured Asian Manufactures. We would like to back British Industry and support businesses that align with our values. In the hope that our customers and fellow business owners will follow suit and encourage the British entrepenurial spirit! By using British suppliers, not only will it be investing in our own economy, but we will in turn be significantly reducing our CO2 footprint by avoiding lengthy importing from overseas suppliers. We would therefore like to use British suppliers for many of our products as quickly as possible whist maintaining the Wolf London quality that we have worked hard to produce. 

WL is investing it's time in reseraching schemes, responsible material sources and movements that will best reduce our brand's CO2 footprint and environmental impact. Knowledge is power and our journey will be developing with the latest scientific research in mind when creating our products and delivering our service. 

We will keep our customers updated on our efforts that we have made as and when we achieve them.


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Backing Young Riders

You have heard our CEO and Founder mention that the amount of men riding horses have decreased over the last 5 decades, which is why.... 
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